More than a century of expertise in cutting tool manufacturing, combined with powerful R&D resources, place Guhring at the forefront of technical innovations in cutting tools.
Globally there are 26 production plants and 36 service centers, along with hundreds of knowledgeable technical support experts, providing Guhring products and services to the industry. Click here for an overview of these locations.
For over 35 years Guhring Inc. has brought the innovations of industry-leading Guhring technology, products and technical support to the United States. Our Brookfield, WI manufacturing plant and corporate headquarters continue to grow in order to meet our customers' needs. Additional resources including our warehouse in Huntington Beach, CA and manufacturing facility in MI help us to provide quicker response times. Guhring USA also operates 4 tool reconditioning service centers that restore used cutting tools to their original condition. The reconditioning centers are in Brookfield, WI, New Hudson, MI, Huntington Beach, CA and Bloomfield, CT.
With over 35,000 stocked standard items, Guhring outshines all others in breadth of standard products offered. Additionally, our engineers can take blueprint part concepts and design specialized tools in high speed steel, cobalt, carbide and even PCD which combine multiple manufacturing operations and lower production costs.


The company is founded by Gottlieb Gühring. Five types of twist drills set the starting point for today's tool business.


The first factory is built at the current headquarters in Albstadt-Ebingen.


Oskar Gühring, son of the company founder who died in 1913, takes over the running of the company.


The company has approximately 680 employees and produces 50 types of twist drills.


Following a complete distruction of the production plant, the rebuilding begins with Oskar Gühring at the helm.


In less than 10 years, Guhring is back on track, producing 50 types of twist drills again, with 120 employees.


Dr. Jörg Gühring joins the company. Following the death of Oskar Gühring in 1985, he takes over the running of the company.


The production of high speed steel drills begins in West Berlin.


The company opens its first subsidiary in England. This year also sees the production of the first carbide-tipped drills.


Guhrings first TiN-coated twist drill is a milestone in technology. Guhring takes the first steps outside of Europe with the founding of a Distribution Center in the USA - Brookfield, Wisconsin.


A new US Distribution Center opens in Huntington Beach, California. By now the company has approximately 1300 employees, the product range includes in excess of 160 types.


The US begins the production of TiN coating and carbide twist drills. The first foreign Guhring factory begins the production of tools in Brookfield, Wisconsin.


The largest Guhring factory begins production in Sigmaringen-Laiz. In addition, the range of thread cutting, reaming, countersinking and gun drills is extended.


Guhring begins development and production of PCD-tipped tools. Following the death of Oskar Guhring in 1985, Dr. Jorg Guhring takes over the leadership of the company.


Guhring enters the competitive Japanese market and begins production in Nagoya.


The company starts its own carbide development and production.


The production of Guhring tools begins in South Korea.


Guhring introduces GM 300 tool holders and HSK clamping systems.


Production begins at the Guhring Factory in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia.


Guhring introduces the ground-breaking multilayer coating: FIREX


Production begins at the Guhring Factory in New Hudson, Michigan.


PCD production begins in the USA.


Purchased in 2006, the new production center and training facility is now occupied in Brookfield, Wisconsin.


Having acquired Hollfelder Cutting Tools, Guhring now adds indexable tooling to its offering.

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