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About Us

Guhring - global presence, Local service

More than a century of expertise in cutting tool manufacturing, combined
with powerful R&D resources, place Guhring at the forefront of technical
innovations in cutting tools.

Globally there are 26 production plants and 36 service centers, along with
hundreds of knowledgeable technical support experts, providing Guhring
products and services to the industry.
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For over 35 years Guhring Inc. has brought the
innovations of industry-leading Guhring
technology, products and technical support to the
United States. Our Brookfield, WI manufacturing
plant and corporate headquarters continue to grow in
order to meet our customers' needs. Additional
resources including our warehouse in Huntington Beach,
CA and manufacturing facility in MI help us to provide quicker
response times. Guhring USA also operates 4 tool
reconditioning service centers that restore used cutting tools
to their original condition. The reconditioning centers are in
Brookfield, WI, New Hudson, MI, Huntington Beach, CA
and Bloomfield, CT.

With over 35,000 stocked standard items, Guhring outshines all
others in breadth of standard products offered. Additionally, our
engineers can take blueprint part concepts and design
specialized tools in high speed steel, cobalt, carbide and even
PCD which combine multiple manufacturing operations and
lower production costs.

Brookfield, WI

Quality through control

Guhring’s carbide division and its annual carbide production of approximately 2,000 tons makes us one of the largest carbide producers world-wide. This also provides us the ability to develop optimized tool materials for specific workpiece materials, maximizing our customers' productivity and results.

To ensure the geometries, tool materials and coatings are converted into precision tools of the highest quality, Guhring’s machine and equipment division designs and produces the most important manufacturing equipment for our tool production. This includes state-of-the-art grinding and coating systems as well as precision measuring instruments.

Reconditioning and coating services are also offered by Guhring, enabling extended tool life by restoring special and standard drill points, end mills and reamers to their original specifications. Coating chambers are in-house, and Guhring coating expertise is widely used for cutting tools from Guhring and its competitors as well as for wear parts and other items beyond cutting tools.

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Guhring - "the name and quality never change"