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HT 800 WP
NEW style indexable insert drills, 11mm - 40mm diameter, full technical information.

Pages: 32
Released: December 2016
RT 100 S Drill brochure
NEW coolant fed carbide drills for machining steel materials

Pages: 16
Released: December 2016

AeroX HSCO8 split point drills
This offering of M42 HSCO (8 percent cobalt) features a 135 degree split point per NAS 907 P3 specifications. Product is stocked in Germany.

Pages: 4
Released: August 2016
HT800 Insert Modifications
Reduce an HT800 carbide insert diameter by as much as 0.20mm - this flyer gives the details on how you can get the EXACT diameter you need.

Pages: 2
Released: May 2016

NC Spot Drills
Expanded offering of HSS, HSCO and Carbide Carbide Spot Drills

Pages: 6
Released: April 2016
Full Line Catalog
Guhring's complete offering of HSS, cobalt and carbide drills; complete technical section.

Pages: 514
Released: February 2016

GU 500 DZ
The GU 500 DZ premium cobalt drill family - the high-performance alternative to generic split point drills.

Pages: 12
Released: July 2013
RT 100 US
New version of a classic design. Nano-A coated heat resistant high penetration rate carbide drill series.

Pages: 6
Released: June 2013

Guhring Select
Complete offering of premium quality, competitively priced high performance taps, end mills and drills.

Pages: 52
Released: April 2013
Micro Drills
Guhring's cobalt and carbide micro-precision drills; now with two coolant-fed series.

Pages: 16
Released: December 2012

RT 100 HF
Cutting tools for Nickel and Titanium. Introducing the RT 100 HF - high penetration rate drill for Nickel Alloys.

Pages: 20
Released: April 2012
Guhring standard and special tooling for composites and aerospace materials.

Pages: 12
Released: October 2011

Deep Hole Drills
Guhring's offering of spiral flute and gun drill style deep hole drills.

Pages: 12
Released: June 2011
GT Parabolic Drills
The industry's largest offering of parabolic drills in HSS, cobalt, and carbide.

Pages: 8
Released: March 2011

GT 500 DZ
Parabolic flute powdered metal cobalt drills with over 175 new stocked sizes.

Pages: 4
Released: December 2010
RT 100 VA
Coolant-fed, carbide drills for stainless steels and titanium, and other great drills, end mills and taps for stainless steels.

Pages: 12
Released: April 2010

RT 800 WP
Indexable insert drills, 16mm - 40mm diameter, plus full technical information.

Pages: 12
Released: May 2007
RT 100 R
Patented drill geometry designed specifically for ADI and CGI, cast iron.

Pages: 8
Released: January 2007