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Guhring Carbide Drills

Carbide drills provide faster cutting rates, longer tool life, better positional and dimensional accuracy and improved surface finish. Shorter cycle times and tighter tolerances translate into maximum machine utilizations, better part quality and optimum hole making cost savings.

Guhring carbide drills are manufactured from Guhring carbide rod that is produced by our carbide production facility in Berlin, Germany. Guhring R&D facilities have developed carbide grades specifically for the demands of high performance drilling which provides Guhring with a competitive advantage verses manufacturers who purchase their carbide rod from different sources. Sample Guhring carbide drills and you will see the difference.

Guhring Carbide Drills
High Performance
RT100 high penetration rate drill
RT100 S for steels
RT100 T deep hole drill
EB80/100 gun drill
GS200 precision 3 flute drill
RT150 GG straight flute
HT/RT800 insert drill
Micro drills Exclusive Line®

General Purpose
Type N standard helix
GT100 parabolic
NC spot starter drill