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Guhring Taps

The process of cutting the threads in a hole is called "tapping" the hole. Guhring offers a full range of taps for the creation of internal thread forms. Coarse Thread Series UNC & Metric M is the most commonly used thread system in the majority of screws, bolts and nuts. The UNC coarse thread is often used for quick assembly or disassembly. Fine Thread Series UNF & Metric Fine MF is used for applications that require higher tensile strength than the coarse thread series and where thin walls are required.

Using only premium substrate materials such as cobalt, powdered metal cobalt and carbide, Guhring taps are designed to last longer and provide high quality thread results. Guhring taps are produced to both ANSI and DIN specifications for a variety of applications. The color ring system allows the end user to quickly choose the correct tap style for the material that is being threaded.

Guhring Taps
Cut Thread
Solid tap
- bottoming / blind hole style
- plug / through hole style
Coolant fed tap
STI threads
UNJ / MJ threads
Oversize taps H7 / H11

Form Thread
Solid tap
Coolant fed tap

ER Tapping Collets for DIN shank taps

Gurosync synchro tapping chucks