Tool Management/Dispensing Systems

Guhring can design and build custom machines for your company’s unique requirements. Guhring Tool Management vending machines are available in drawer and scroll designs that work with barcode scanning software for maximum efficiency and flexibility. Guhring Tool Management vending machines can be tailored to control and monitor tool consumption in small, medium and large manufacturing facilities. Contact Guhring for additional information. »

Vending Executive

Cloud reporting at its finest

Vending Executive is the most advanced cloud reporting tool that vending has ever seen.

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TM 326

ECO model, flexible and easy to operate. Configure to suit your needs.
  • Electronically lockable tool administration system of sturdy sheet steel construction
  • Full extension drawers (loading capacity per drawer max. 200 kg)
  • Guhring TM software with touch-screen and bar code reader
  • Interfaces to external WWS/ERP systems
  • PC with Microsoft operating system
  • A drawer may have between 8 and 48 lockable compartments

TM 426

Full spiral unit with unique lift tray option.
  • Flexible combination of different coil sizes (depending on the size of the outer package)
  • Available with integrated lift system for reduced risk of damage
  • Safe storage and management of compact tools
  • Upgraded at any time by additional expansion units
  • Control functions can also be used for other storage systems (TM 326, TM 526)
  • Specialized spiral allows for single insert despensing
  • Available with 60, 70 or 80 coils

TM 526

100% drawer control; lockable compartments, fully expandable.
  • Flexible combination of drawer heights and widths
  • 100% control of stored tools
  • Safe storage and management of tools, measuring and test equipment, assembly tools, or supplies
  • Upgraded at any time by additional expansion units
  • Control functions can also be used for other storage systems (TM 326, TM 426)
  • Drawers open to just the withdraw number of items request from the software


... Examine the consumption and costs of any item within the database
... Determine and analyze the Top 10 cost items in the database
... The Cost Per Part (CPP) can be analyzed for any chosen time frame

Vending software that does more

All Guhring tool dispensing systems are controlled by the user-friendly GTMS. It allows simple, fast and intuitive operation via touchscreen or an external reader. At the same time it documents all relevant transaction data of inventory, monitors stock levels and makes evaluations based on different criteria. This comprehensive and detailed reporting provides maximum transparency over your tool inventory and tool consumption and also allows you a precise cost allocation. Interfaces allow the connection to continue through various ERP systems, and online connectivity of your suppliers automated ordering processes.
  • Full traceability of your processes
  • Perfect basis for optimizing your production
  • Enormous time savings
  • Accurate consumption analyses according to different criteria, for example, tool consumption per component, per machine or per manufacturing area
  • All data from one database
  • nom./act. cost and time comparisons at the touch of a button
  • Form printing with barcode individually tailored to your requirements
  • Management of drawings
  • Schedule monitoring
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Management and monitoring of measuring equipment
  • Individual solutions can be programmed according to customer requirements
  • Problem-free connection to SAP, TDM, Coscom, IBM, Baan, Infor, Abas etc. via corresponding interfaces
  • The software is available in 18 different languages


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